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Working in marketing always requires ingenious ways to promote a company, attract more customers, increase sales and monitor strategy. Of course twenty first century social media are effective ways to drive traffic to company websites, yet the humble twentieth century telephone remains the primary method by which regular or potential customers communicate with companies - particularly amongst the baby boomer generation. Not everyone uses the internet or has a Facebook or Twitter account, meaning that purely online marketing campaigns will only have limited success.

By way of an experiment, and also for one particular campaign targeting a fifty plus age ranged audience, I decided to revert to a more traditional approach: A four week, localised campaign that utilised only three calls to action: Website, Email, and an 084 number.

Knowing that there is a misconception amongst the public as to the cost of calling 0843 or 0844 numbers, I made sure that the cost of calling per minute was clearly highlighted on the different adverts and I was pleasantly surprised by the response we got via the 084 number. What’s more, the great features that come with registering with Switchboardfree make it a valuable asset for any company - be it large, an SME, a family run firm or an independent trader.

The 0843 and 0844 numbers were obtained for free by registering an account with Switchboardfree initially acts as a virtual call manager - enabling calls to be tracked and monitored ensuring that potential customers do not slip through the net. But where this system works is using multiple numbers for marketing by tracking call stats on each number. By using individual numbers on websites, adverts, special offers, radio and any other type of media you can think of - you can then track each and every call from each and every source. I can therefore see by combining these stats with my Pay Per Click campaigns where my marketing budget works best for me.

Although signing up to switchboard free gives you two free 0843/4 numbers, they also offer packages that allow you to have more than two numbers: For Serious Marketers you get up to 500+ individual numbers for National Campaigns or for a more modest £9.97 a month a business package gives you a total of 6 numbers plus other freebies such as fax-to-email etc.

I would recommend this service for any level of business from someone just starting out to hard-core marketers; the free phone call tracking facility means that every phone call received can be tracked - ideal for planning future targeted marketing campaigns. The call stacking feature ensures that calls are put in a queue and then put through as a soon as a line becomes available. This is great for business experiencing high call volume - but also means that anyone who calls does not hear the - very bad for business - engaged tone.

If you are in marketing and want a free an excellent way of monitoring the success of your campaigns, the makes for the perfect business solution.

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