CloudNumbers vs. SwitchboardFREE

Virtual Switchboard Comparison

What do CloudNumbers offer?

CloudNumbers provide their customers with 5 virtual local phone numbers that can be diverted to up to 2 redirects – mobile or landline.

CloudNumbers charges

The setup fee for CloudNumbers is £9.99. The call charge for diversion to landlines is 1.1p / minute and to mobiles it is 6p / minute.

CloudNumbers packages and features

There are there packages you can select from.

The CloudSolo is the starter CloudNumbers package, priced at £9.99 per month. No specific features accompany it. You only have the calls forwarded to the two numbers you have provided when registering.

CloudConnect builds on the first package by adding the voicemail and call whisper features, as well as the option to record a personal voicemail greeting. The monthly fee is £13.99.

The final package CloudAdvantage adds another function to the features list – call recording. The monthly cost is £24.99.


CloudNumbers can provide a corporate menu system at extra cost. It resembles a virtual switchboard feature allowing you to add up to 9 options to which the calls can be rerouted. The feature ensures that your customer will reach the right person in your business who can deal best with their enquiry.

The setup fee for the service is £19.99 and the monthly charge is £29.99.

Comparative analysis between CloudNumbers and SwitchboardFREE

CloudNumbers are limited to giving only local phone numbers to their clients, while SwitchboardFREE have national number types, as well.

You can choose up to 5 local numbers with CloudNumbers without altering the price of the chosen package which is an advantage that has to be duly noted. SwitchboardFREE, however, could supply users with 5 completely free 084 numbers with unlimited landline redirects and the option to get unlimited mobile redirects for just £9.97 per month.

Feature-wise, unlike CloudNumbers, SwitchboardFREE offer our add-ons for free. Key features like voicemail and call whisper are available only for the CloudConnect and CloudAdvantage packages, and the virtual switchboard which redirects calls to the right person in your business is too expensive - £29.99 / month + £19.99 setup fee.

CloudNumbers monthly fees start from £9.99, and SwitchboardFREE boast an industry-beating starting price of £5.96 for local numbers that includes 400 minutes to landlines. It is also possible to mix the number of landline and mobile minutes you get with SwitchboardFREE but none of the options exceeds the costs determined by CloudNumbers. For example, you can choose to have 800 minutes to landline for just £9.96 with SwitchboardFREE, and get to pay twice this sum at CloudNumbers for the same number of minutes. This happens largely because there are fixed monthly fees when you sign up with CloudNumbers. This is something SwitchboardFREE do not believe in. We have neither monthly, nor setup fees, in order not to put pressure on the customer. We are sure in the quality of our service and have no need to impose additional charges.

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