Everreach vs SwitchboardFREE

Virtual Switchboard Comparison

What does Everreach offer?

Everreach is a phone service providing small businesses with virtual numbers. The number types available are local 01/02 and national 03 and 0845 numbers. Every evrreach number comes with standard call management features such as audio greetings, voicemail, call recording, and, of course, call forwarding to landlines and mobile numbers.

Everreach pricing

There are no setup or activation fees with eveerreach, just the monthly cost of each package.

The three available plans are outlined below.

The Start Plan

The Start Plan includes 500 minutes to landline and mobile numbers, and costs £10 per month.

The Grow Plan

The Grow Plan includes 800 minutes and is priced at £15 / month.

The Run Plan

The Run Plan, including 2000 minutes, has a monthly fee of £25.

It is good to know that when the monthly minutes allowance is used up, there are no extra call charges. Calls would only be sent straight to voicemail, without making attempt to forward them to a different destination.

Everreach vs. SwitchboardFREE

Along with local, 03, and 084 numbers, SwitchboardFREE provide 0800 freephone numbers to clients. Everreach does not offer this number type.

There is no significant difference in the pricing of the two services’ plans, although if you prefer to have your calls forwarded to landline numbers, then SwitchboardFREE is the better option. The testament to this lies in the comparison between the 800-minute packages, where our costs start from £8.96 per month, compared to an almost double price (£15) at everreach.

Our decisive advantage comes in the field of the 084 numbers. We offer ours completely free, with no limits to landline minutes, and the possibility of getting unlimited mobile redirects for just £9.96 per month.

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