Flextel vs SwitchboardFREE

Virtual Switchboard Comparison

Who are Flextel?

Flextel is a virtual number company providing their clients with various UK number types for their business goals. Flextel supply the customers with both local (01, 02) and national (0800, 03, 084, 087, 070) business numbers. You can use your Flextel virtual number both to make and receive calls.

Flextel pricing

You can choose either to pay-as-you-go for every call, or to sign up to a monthly plan including a certain number of minutes. It is advised that if you choose a 084, 087 or a 070 number it will be of higher value to opt for the pay-per-call charging.

The monthly packages are divided into landline and mobile categories. Evidently, if you need Flextel to make and receive calls on landlines, the Landline plan is better. You can get Landline plans inclusive of between 200 and 40 000 minutes, and Mobile plans including between 100 and 25 000 minutes. The monthly costs range from £5 to £500.

Given that most of the businesses that look for a call management service are on a budget, we would mention just some of the packages that are reasonably priced. This will give you a notion of Flextel’s pricing pattern.

  • Landline 200 costs £5 / month
  • Landline 500 costs £10 / month
  • Landline 800 costs £15 / month
  • Landline 1600 costs £25 / month
  • Mobile 100 costs £5 / month
  • Mobile 300 costs £10 / month
  • Mobile 500 costs £15 / month
  • Mobile 900 costs £25 / month
  • Mobile 2000 costs £50 / month

Flextel features

There is a number of standard features you can get from Flextel, although some are to be paid for. The auto attendant feature costs 3 p / minute for 0800 numbers, and is free for other numbers. Hunt groups, call blast and voicemail are priced at the same rates, and call recording is charged 1p per recording sent via email for 0800, 01, 02 and 03 numbers. SMS notifications cost 10p / message. Call queuing costs 4p per caller for 0800 numbers and 1p for local numbers.

Among the free features you can get with Flextel, are anonymous call filter, call blocker, call gateway that hides your number when making an outbound call, and a smartphone app to manage your settings from.

Price comparison between Flextel and SwitchboardFREE

The SwitchboardFREE service is less expensive overall, especially for the local and 03 numbers. What is more, you can grab 0843/0844 numbers completely free, and get unlimited landline redirects at no costs, plus unlimited mobile redirects for only £9.97. To illustrate SwitchboardFREE’s advantage in the pricing department, we can compare some of our packages with those offered by Flextel.

For example, you can select the 800 mins pack from SwitchboardFREE for £9.96 to landlines, while for the same number of minutes Flextel charges £15. Similarly, 800 minutes to mobiles with SwitchboardFREE are priced at £19.96 for geographic numbers, and 900 mobile minutes with Flextel cost £25, which clearly demonstrates that the per-minute rates set by SwitchboardFREE are considerably lower.

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