Number People vs SwitchboardFREE

Virtual Switchboard Comparison

Who are Number People?

Number People are a virtual phone number provider offering all major number types to their customers. Their users can choose to redirect their calls to up to 5 destinations, and have flexible payment options. Number People require no setup fees or long-term contract signing. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Number People packages

You can select to buy a bundle of inclusive minutes, pay as you go by topping up your account when needed, or opt for unlimited redirects.

Number People’s Standard package is the pay-as-you-go one. It has no monthly fee and you pay only the call forwarding rates set by the provider, which are 1.5p / minute to UK landlines, and 7p / minute to UK mobiles.

The Extra package includes 200 minutes to either landlines or mobiles, and costs £5 per month when used with 01, 02, 03 or 084 numbers, and £10 when used with a 0800 number.

Number People’s Unlimited option costs £10 per month for all number types except for the 0800. The latter is priced at £20 per month.

There is also an optional outbound calling service with Number People which costs £1.50 per month plus the above-mentioned rates per minute – 1.5p to landlines and 7p to mobiles.

Pricing comparison between Number People and SwitchboardFREE

Number People’s Standard package could be beneficial to you if you only take few calls every month and can predict the approximate top-up amount you should add to your account. However, if you spend more time on the phone, it is more sensible to choose SwitchboardFREE. For example, 800 minutes to landline with SwitchboardFREE start from £8.96 per month. If we convert Number People’s forwarding rates to what equals 800 minutes, you get a price of £12. Mobile forwarding with Number People is considerably more expensive, too. A rate of 7p / minute makes up for £28 for 400 minutes, which is more than twice as expensive than SwitchboardFREE’s tariffs.

The Unlimited plan from Number People is the most valuable of the three they offer. £10 for unlimited redirects to either landlines or mobiles is a good price, even if it limits the user to having to have their forwards to only one of the two. A mix of landline / mobile minutes is offered by SwitchboardFREE and even though those are not unlimited, sometimes it is more useful to have minutes to both line types. The 084 numbers given away by SwitchboardFREE are an exception because you get unlimited landline minutes for free and can add unlimited mobile redirects for £9.97 per month, which covers all your lines entirely.

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