Number Supermarket vs SwitchboardFREE

Virtual Switchboard Comparison

What are Number Supermarket services?

Number Supermarket provide a variety of virtual phone numbers for businesses. They offer all main number types, including local 01 and 02; 03; 0843, 0844 and 0845; 0800 and 087.

Number Supermarket setup fees

Obtaining a phone number from Number Supermarket may incur a fee depending on the memorability of the chosen number. Number Supermarket have divided their numbers into four categories – Bronze numbers are free of charge, Silver cost £10 per month. Gold are priced at £15 per month, and the Platinum monthly fee is £20.

Number Supermarket packages and features

You can select from three plans, each including more minutes and features than the previous.

The Standard package costs £9.99 per month and includes 250 minutes to landlines and 50 minutes to mobiles. The set of features for this plan is rather modest, as it involves just the standard call routing, a voicemail greeting, voicemail to email and fax to email services.

The monthly fee for the Advanced package is £14.99. It has 500 inclusive landline and 200 inclusive mobile minutes. Among the features the customer can benefit from are out-of-hours messaging service, the call whispering function, as well as number display and missed call alerts.

The Professional package adds a couple of more features, such as a multi-level IVR, unlimited call queue and a call recording service. The tariff includes 1000 landline minutes and 500 mobile minutes and costs £24.99 per month.

A comparative analysis between Number Supermarket and SwitchboardFREE

The most striking difference between the two services is the time commitment you have to make. While there is no need to sign a long-term contract with SwitchboardFREE, signing up to Number Supermarket means that you tie yourself to a 24-month contract. Given the dynamics in the life of small businesses, it looks financially unjustified to jump onto a 2-year contract. Many things can change in such a long period of time and you can never know whether you are going to need the service one year, or sooner, into the contract. In this respect, SwitchboardFREE offers greater flexibility, as there are no contracts and you can use the service only for the time you need it.

After conducting a pricing analysis, we can reach an agreement that SwtichboardFREE is the more cost-effective choice for all of the number types, save for the 0800, which is a bit more affordable with Number Supermarket. Nevertheless, the most popular business numbers, such as the 084 and the geographic types are considerably cheaper with SwitchboardFREE. You can get completely free 084 numbers with unlimited landline redirects, as well as local numbers starting from £5.96 per month.

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