Ring Central vs SwitchboardFREE

Virtual Switchboard Comparison

Who are Ring Central?

Ring Central is a telecommunications company, specialized in providing cloud-based communication services. Founded in the US in 1999, the company opened its London office in 2009.

Ring Central services

The company offers a range of communication services, including call management tools, telephone answering and audio conferencing.

Ring Central packages and pricing

There are four packages available to Ring Central users – Entry, Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The prices for each of them, bar the Enterprise, are determined on the number of users signing up to the system, and the length of their contract. If a customer opts to use the service for one full year, monthly costs go down.

The Enterprise package is a bespoke one and clients can negotiate their options individually.

Ring Central prices start from:

  • Entry Package - £17.99 / month
  • Standard Package - £23.99 / month
  • Premium Package - £28.99 / month


Ring Central advertise VoIP phones (desk and cordless) which cost between £49 and £299. You can also port your existing number to your new Ring Central account.

The number types you can choose from are 0800 freephone, 01 and 02 local, 03 and 0845 non-geographic numbers, as well as international numbers.

Packages involve numerous call handling and call management features, such as auto receptionist and customized greetings, call queues, department selection, hunt groups (calls directed to the first available employee), call logs, email notifications, voicemail, call reporting and monitoring. You can also benefit from audio conferencing and mobile and desktop apps for easy management of your account.

How do SwitchboardFREE compare with Ring Central?

We find the Ring Central’s pricing a bit too high for the services available. The lowest monthly cost an individual can get from them is £7.99 for just 100 outbound and no inbound minutes. But it could be applied only if the user pays at once for a whole year of using the service, so the annual cost will be £95.88. If paying monthly, the lowest price is £17.99 / month, as compared to our industry-beating £5.96.

We also do not pressure our clients to sign up with us for a longer period than they will need our services for. We are confident in the efficiency of our product and know that the customers will be satisfied with it, so we do not find it necessary to trouble them with long-term contracts.

The virtual receptionist service by Ring Central is something else we would like to mention in our analysis. Although advertised as a virtual receptionist, we have a different notion of how a live call answering service should operate. Ring Central’s virtual receptionist resembles our own virtual switchboard service, explained here.

SwitchboardFREE’s latest service, called Pocket Receptionist does much more than this, as it guarantees that your phone calls will be answered by a real human being in real-time. What’s more, our virtual receptionists can do much more than taking calls. They can take orders from your customers, manage your bookings, answer questions and provide excellent customer service to your callers.

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