Telavox Flow vs SwitchboardFREE

Virtual Switchboard Comparison

Who are Telavox Flow?

Telavox Flow is a Sweden-based company offering PBX services and local phone numbers to their clients in the UK and Europe.

What features do Telavox Flow have?

Getting a free local business number from Telavox Flow enables you to forward calls made to it to unlimited mobile extensions.

You can download the Telavox Flow smartphone app to choose a business number, record a customized welcome message and add your colleagues. The app also allows you to set opening hours for your business, share short messages with your associates in the Flow chat, and hold teleconferencing sessions with as many people as you like.

Telavox Pricing

There are only two packages to choose from.

The Flow Free has no setup or monthly fee, and supplies you with the features outlined in the above section.

The Flow Pro costs £10 per month and adds a couple more features to your profile. You can benefit from a website widget which shows the customers how long their queue time is likely to be. Additionally, you get a shared voicemail for your team, and 200 outgoing minutes per month.

Why choose SwitchboardFREE over Telavox?

With SwitchboardFREE, our clients can redirect their calls to landlines, too, and not just to mobile phones.

We also offer a lot more number types to pick from. Aside from local numbers, we can provide 5 084 numbers for free with no setup or monthly costs. The other packages start from only £5.96 per month.

Businesses could select an 0800 number, calls to which are completely free from both landline and mobile phones.

And the latest addition to our assortment is the future-proof 03 number type. It is expected to gain popularity in the near future because calls made from mobile phones to 03-numbers are priced at standard call rates.

Among the other features our users can utilise are iOS and Android apps allowing them to alter their account settings any time they want; customized prompts; call whisper to identify the nature of the call prior to taking it; Callback SMS and email alerts; call tracking to monitor advertisement ROI; voicemail services, and the opportunity to create up to 9 virtual departments to route the callers to the most appropriate person for their enquiry.

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