Virtual Landline vs. SwitchboardFREE

Virtual Switchboard Comparison

What do Virtual Landline do?

Virtual Landline is a product offering virtual local and national phone numbers. The available number types are geographic 01/02; and national 03- and 0800.

Virtual Landline packages and pricing

Virtual Landline has three plans to choose from.

The Standard Plan includes 200 inbound and outbound minutes to both UK and international destinations. The monthly cost for the package is £6.95. The plan is applied only to local and 03-numbers, and not to 0800 numbers. It is possible to add 200 more minutes after you have used your first 200, for an additional cost of £3 per month.

The UK Unlimited plan also applies only to local and 03 numbers, and is priced at £7.95 per month. It offers unlimited inbound and outbound calls. Additional charges may be incurred only in cases of regular overuse of 3600 landline or 1000 mobile numbers.

The 0800 Freephone plan is the package that has to be used if you want to get a 0800 number. It costs £9.95 per month and allows inbound calls only. There are 300 included minutes to both landlines and mobiles, and once used up, you need to top up your account again.

What has to be added as a disclaimer is that getting 0207/0208 London numbers is charged additional £2 per month.

Virtual Landline features

Every package comes with a voicemail to email feature, and a free mobile app for outbound calls is available to Standard and UK Unlimited users.

Pro features are available at extra costs. The most cost-effective choice is the Office Pro-Pack, priced at £5 per month. It involves time of day routing, whisper tone, simultaneous ringing and auto attendant. The Office Pack has the same features as the Pro Pack, save for the auto attendant, and costs £3 per month. If you want to add only the Whisper tone, it costs £1 per month, and the auto attendant used separately costs £3.

Comparison between Virtual Landline and SwitchboardFREE

SwitchboardFREE provide users with the same number types as Virtual Landline, plus we offer completely free 084 numbers with unlimited landline redirects. The only cost you can opt to pay is to get unlimited mobile redirects for £9.97 per month.

Two of Virtual Landline’s packages (Standard and Unlimited) include outbound calls, which is something SwitchboardFREE cannot provide at the moment. The Unlimited plan is the only competitive package Virtual Landline offers, as the other two have few minutes included that are likely to be used up early in the month, mainly because they include both inbound and outbound calls.

The Unlimited package costs £7.95 and if you equip it with the Office-Pro Pack features, the monthly bill increases to £12.95. There is a minimal risk of getting overcharged, if you regularly talk more than 3600 minutes on the landline, or more than 1000 minutes on the mobile phone. This means that “unlimited” still has its limitations, despite its name.

Unlike Virtual Landline, at SwitchboardFREE we offer the clients all our features for free as standard add-ons to every virtual number we allocate. Along with the call whisper and auto attendant features, we can send missed call alerts via SMS or email, provide on-hold music, send faxes to email and block and withhold numbers you do not want to connect with.

In addition to this, SwitchboardFREE could supply you with a set of call reporting features that will identify your busiest call periods, and give you valuable insight of your marketing campaigns. You can also benefit from a Google Analytics integration to analyse your call stats and geographical data that will help you take strategic decisions for your business.

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