Virtually Local vs. SwitchboardFREE

Virtual Switchboard Comparison

What do Virtually Local do?

Virtually Local provide geographic virtual telephone numbers, which may be forwarded to either a landline or a mobile.

Each number comes with free call stats, voicemail and hunt groups features. The remaining three features available are to be paid for. Call recording costs £5 per month, plus 75p per minute. And the costs of live monitoring (listening to the calls being received by your staff), and Interactive Voice Response (a multiple choice keypad routing system) are revealed to the customer only upon request.

Virtually Local pricing and how it works

There is no setup fee or monthly charges. Once registered with Virtually Local, you have to top-up your account to cover the cost of call forwarding. The minimum initial top-up for the standard numbers is £15, and thereafter the minimum amount becomes £10.

The user can choose from three types of numbers, according to their memorability. The Standard numbers are free to get, the Gold are £45 and the Platinum cost £95.

Comparative analysis between Virtually Local and SwitchboardFREE

Virtually Local have restricted their services to offering only geographic numbers, while SwithchboardFREE could supply the customers not only with local, but also with national number types. You can choose a free 0843/0844 number, a mobile-friendly 03-type, or a freephone 0800 number.

Feature-wise, SwitchboardFREE have significantly more additions to the virtual numbers. We can send missed call alerts via SMS or email, allow the customer to hear a call whisper, identifying the nature of the call. Nor do we charge additionally for the department selection feature that routes the callers to the most appropriate person in your business. We also give the customer the option to apply call filtering and block withheld numbers or nuisance calls once and forever. You can familiarise yourself with all our features here.

In terms of pricing, we should first mention the different approaches SwitchboardFREE and Virtually Local have taken when determining their costs. Virtually Local ask you to top-up your card with a minimum of £10 (£15 the first time you use the service) and when you have talked away your credit, you need to top-up again to resume the service.

SwitchboardFREE, on the other hand, have plans covering bundles of minutes – to landlines, to mobiles or to a mix of the two. The lowest price SwitchboardFREE can offer is £5.96, and it includes 400 minutes to landlines. In case the customer needs something more specific, we can tailor a unique package for their requirements.

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