Windsor Telecom vs SwitchboardFREE

Virtual Switchboard Comparison

What is Windsor Telecom?

Windsor Telecom is a telecommunications provider specialized in offering call handling technologies and low-cost VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocols) phone systems. Windsor Telecom offer memorable phone numbers to their clients, as these are believed to have a positive impact on companies’ image. Knowing their business’ needs, clients can appraise whether acquiring a memorable number would be a smart move.

VoIP is a system that allows you to make phone calls over the Internet, as opposed to a traditional ISDN phone line.

The similarities and differences between Windsor Telecom and SwitchboardFREE

Number types

Both Windsor Telecom and SwitchboardFREE offer the standard virtual phone number types. In addition to this, Windsor Telecom have included international toll numbers to their services. These could be valuable for abroad-oriented businesses, giving them an in-country phone number with the idea to encourage calls from potential overseas customers.

SwitchboardFREE, in turn, have been working towards providing our clients with big UK city numbers. By this, we enable them to kill two birds with one stone – they could get both major city presence and look local at the same time. We can set our clients up with valuable London numbers (0203, 0207) or from any of the 10 largest UK cities.

SwitchboardFREE’s Pocket Receptionist service

While both products offer multiple call redirection options, at SwitchboardFREE we have recently launched our latest service, called Pocket Receptionist, which gives us an edge on our competitors. By subscribing to Pocket Receptionist your business can benefit from our professionally trained receptionists, who are going to take your calls for you. Customers prefer speaking to real humans and we can get you covered on this, which will inevitably improve your clients’ phone experience with your company, and shall help you establish positive reputation for customer service.

Cost comparison between Windsor Telecom and SwitchboardFREE

Packages on offer

Windsor Telecom could be more appropriate if you need a vast number of landline inclusive minutes, as their packages involve between 1000 and 5000 minutes, as opposed to SwitchboardFREE’s 400 to 1200 minutes packages. However, we can also offer more bespoke packages with more minutes, should a client needs that, so, essentially, there is no upper limit for inclusive minutes with SwitchboardFREE.

Mobile phone minutes

Be mindful that if you wish to divert your Windsor Telecom virtual number to a mobile phone, the range of inclusive minutes provided by Windsor Telecom drops to 250 to 1000 for the respective plans, and the prices remain the same – from £12.50 to £30 per month. Mixing your landline / mobile minutes is possible on SwitchboardFREE – you can have from 200 minutes to each line depending on your preferred package. If this option suits you best, pricing starts from just £9.96.

Monthly fees

We feel that SwitchboardFREE gain advantage over our competitors by keeping our monthly fees low. There could be no monthly cost at all, actually, if you opt for our Business package. Should you select the Professional or Gold packages, you will have to pay £5 or £10 respectively. Windsor Telecom’s monthly subscription starts from £12.50.

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