Features of SwitchboardFREE

Features of SwitchboardFREE

Our system has many useful features that will benefit your business. With over 32,000 businesses and homeworkers already registered with us you can be confident that we will deliver to you a robust and professional service. Whether you want to create a more professional image, have a national presence, manage your incoming calls more effectively, track your inbound response from your adverts and marketing campaigns or install disaster recovery for your phone lines, we have the answer!

Core features


Close your lines at anytime

When callers phone outside your normal opening hours, the call is recorded and sent via a missed call alert to your email, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

You can also set the system to offer an out-of-hours voicemail. This feature is great if you're a home worker and don't want people calling you in the evening!


Redirect Calls to your Mobile

Divert your calls to one or more mobile phone numbers but simply give your customers a single number to call. Use your mobile as a second inbound line at busy times!

Choose from a per minute billing option for mobile redirects or for a single low monthly figure enjoy unlimited mobile redirects.

From just £9.97 per month

Note: redirects to landlines are Free.


iOS & Android apps Available Now

Get missed call alerts, listen to voicemails, redirect your numbers, amend your SwitchboardFREE number settings, record custom prompts & much more all while you're on the move.

Click here for more information about the SwitchboardFREE apps as well as download instructions for both Android and iOS.


Instantly Re-Route your Calls

You can instantly re-route the calls made to your SwitchboardFREE number to up to five different UK landline and mobile numbers.

These can be changed as often as you like via your online web control panel or just as easily via the new iPhone, iPad and android apps that are available now from their respective app stores.



Queue your inbound calls

If you have limited lines into your office we will queue your incoming calls and put them through to you as soon as a line becomes free. In effect this increases the number of lines that are available to your business.

This will be especially useful to you at busy times of the day or should you have a particularly busy inbound campaign. Your customers will never hear the engaged tone and you'll never miss a call again!


2 x free 084 numbers

Benefit from two free numbers which you can choose from a range of over 200, 0844 or 0843 numbers.

You will never have to change your telephone number again, no matter what part of the UK your business might move to.

Get a BIG company feel with BIG company features for FREE whilst giving your customer a number which has a low calling cost!


Auto Attendant

(e.g. “Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support”) With between 1 to 9 options available, it enables you to better manage your calls and make sure that your callers are routed to the most appropriate person or department.

Ideal for growing companies or if you have a workforce split in different geographic locations. Your staff can work from home, but your callers will never know!


Call whisper

Your numbers can be configured for different purposes, e.g. sales, admin, support etc. When you answer the call you will hear a short message identifying the call; e.g. “You have a sales call”.

You can then personalise your greeting for each caller. If you operate multiple companies from a single office or need to identify between personal and business calls, this function will be invaluable to you!



Customisable Prompts

The system allows you to quickly record messages to play to your customers when they call.

These messages can be used as a customer introduction or an out-of-hours message that reflects your opening times and / or emergency contact number.

You can also choose from dozens of pre-recorded greetings that we supply.


Music on hold

While your callers are waiting to be connected they are played ‘On-hold’ music.

You can choose the genre of music your customers hear from over 19 different categories that are currently available.

We add to this music all the time to keep it up to date with the latest hits and a wide selection of the all-time greats.


Missed Call Alerts

Once a customer calls your number, we record the inbound CLI (the caller's phone number) when available. Should a customer hang up when they are on hold we will immediately send their phone number to your email address so you can call them back.

You will never again miss an important opportunity just because someone simply couldn't get through to you.


Voicemail / Answer phone

The voicemail service can be configured so that the option to leave a voicemail is given to your caller either from the beginning of the call or after a pre-defined number of seconds of being on hold.

Voicemails are instantly emailed to you and also made available via your account control panel. They are also made available on the iPhone and iPad apps.


Reporting features


Campaign reporting

Conduct more detailed and comprehensive analysis of your inbound call activity using the powerful suite of campaign reporting tools.

How do call lengths compare from campaign to campaign? Could more information be provided in pre-sale copy to cover frequently asked questions?

Answers to these questions and many more can be easily found.


Unique caller lists

Create an instant database of all unique callers.

This is useful if you have targeted an existing database & wish to identify the percentage of responders.

Even if a caller has called you multiple times, this report will output each caller only once. This is useful should you wish to return missed calls without the danger of calling back more than once.


Clever missed call lists

By selecting from one of two pre-defined reports you can either view a list of all missed calls, based on whatever date range you select; or you can create a unique callers report.

This is the perfect way of ensuring that you respond to any calls that you may have missed. Thanks to the unique caller list you can ensure that you don't accidentally respond to the same person more than once.


Identify busy periods

Use the reports on your SwitchboardFREE numbers to identify peak times of demand.

Using this information you can identify when and where you are busiest and shift human resources to ensure your customers calls are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner.

You could also identify where your money is being wasted by manning phones that won't ring.


Additional features


Change configuration instantly at any time

All settings can be amended live without any delay.

Receiving more voicemails than you can handle? Turn voicemails off temporarily.

Unhappy with keeping callers on hold for excessive lengths of time? Offer callers the option to leave a voicemail from the outset of their call.

You can change your SwitchboardFREE number configuration as often as you like.


Update announcements to reflect campaigns

Record your own call introductions to advise your callers of any important announcements.

For example, you might be unable to take further bookings in the short-term due to unprecedented demand?

Simply record your own custom call introduction to let your callers
know about the availability issue and ask that they call back at a later date in order to avoid long hold-times.


The ideal service for disaster recovery

Has one of your offices suffered a power cut?

Instantly change the destination number of inbound calls to a different location or ‘Quick Close’ the lines and have a custom out-of-hours message played to your callers.

You can even have calls diverted to your employee's home or mobile telephone numbers temporarily so that you never miss any of your calls.


Google Analytics integration

Utilise Google's free Analytics package to analyse your call statistics & gather geographic data on your callers.

This will empower you to make informed decisions that will help you with design, promotion & media.

For the first time you will be able to analyse your call and web traffic in one place effectively and best of all... this is completely free of charge!



Geographic Numbers

Sometimes 084 numbers aren't the right choice for your business.

If this is the case for your business then SwitchboardFREE still has you covered.

SwitchboardFREE has a wide range of local numbers that will give you all the functionality of SwitchboardFREE without ever having to lose that local feel to your business.

From just £4.97 per month

0800 Numbers

Do you want to offer your customers a free way of contacting your company?

0800 numbers are free to call numbers that are ideal for things like customer support lines.

SwitchboardFREE has a range of 0800 numbers available that will offer you all of the functionality of a normal SwitchboardFREE number without the cost to your customers.

From just £4.97 per month
Conference Calling

Conference Calling

If you like SwitchboardFREE then you will love Con-Flab.

Brought to you by the minds behind SwitchboardFREE, Con-Flab is a free conference calling platform. There's even a free conference iOS app.

Visit the site or download the app today and set up your free conference!

Visit Con-Flab


Compare our range of local (geographic), 0800, 03 and London Numbers as well as a range of our specialist packages.
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Remember, SwitchboardFREE is the only call manager in the UK which gives you all of this functionality free of charge, empowering UK businesses to work smarter.

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