Meet the Team


Chris Venables

Technical Team

Chris is tasked with turning the weird and whacky ideas of the product development team into secure, solid and robust commercial products.


Chloé Goldsmith

Customer Services

Chloé is part of our support team. You're most likely to talk to Chloé if you need some assistance with your SwitchboardFREE account.


Grant Hardy

Product Development Team

Part of the product development team, Grant's always looking for new ideas of how we can improve the system and make life a little easier for our customers.


Rebecca Dowsett

Finance & Administration

Aswell as handling general SwitchboardFREE customer support calls Rebecca also looks after Administration and reseller payments.


Seb Szostkiewicz

Design Team

Seb designs and maintains the look and feel of everything related to SwitchboardFREE.


Chris Thrower

Design Team

As part of the design team Chris is responsible for creating and maintaining the look and feel of SwitchboardFREE.


Darren Loud

Legal Team

Darren works with our legal department to create and maintain terms and conditions and privacy policies to ensure that our systems remain compliant at all times.


Steve O'Leary

Technical Team

Steve's primary responsibility is the creation and maintenance of our mobile apps.

Hannah Kane

Hannah Kane

Online Marketing Team

Hannah works with Bryn and the design team to produce copy and monitor social media in order to help spread the word about SwitchboardFREE.


Bryn Thompson

Online Marketing Team

Bryn mainly keeps a watchful eye over the online marketing activities of SwitchboardFREE, making sure as many people as possible know about this great free online service.


Kelly Ball

Marketing Team

Kelly helps to find businesses who don't currently benefit from the professional phone services offered by SwitchboardFREE.


Mike Knights

Technical Team

Mike works on the back end systems for SwitchboardFREE, from writing code for the website to maintaining the hardware that powers our system.


Sally Harding

Marketing Team

Sally helps to find businesses who don't currently benefit from the professional phone services offered by SwitchboardFREE.


Ben Regan

Technical Team

Ben supports and maintains a number of internal systems in addition to filling a key social marketing role.


Zoe King

Customer Services

Zoe works as part of the Customer Services team ensuring that SwitchboardFREE users receive the upmost level or care and support.


Ivo Nenkov

Technical Team

Ivo works within the SwitchboardFREE technical team helping to develop and support some of our cutting edge systems.


James Thulborn

Customer Services

James is the newset addition to our customer support team. He works closely with Chloe and Sammy.