Telephone answering service from SwitchboardFREE

Stop missing opportunities and overflow your unanswered or busy calls to a
dedicated receptionist easily by adding us as one of your redirects.

Use our receptionist's to:

  • Represent your business with real people
  • Get real time notifications of all your calls via email or your mobile app
  • Ability to block nuisance calls
  • Change your bundle at anytime
  • Receive a live transfer of calls or a message depending on what you need
  • You only pay per call & you can cap your costs

You can choose to be notified via the APP, online portal, SMS or email and then if you want to call that person back, email them or ignore them.

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Call the SwitchboardFREE support team today on 0800 009 6092 or send an email and we can set this up in less than an hour.

How it works:

When a call comes in, your personal receptionist will answer the call with your preferred greeting and in accordance with your instructions.

You’ll then receive a notification of the call containing:

Callers name, contact number and email address

The message details; sales, support etc

If the call was a priority and the caller’s mood.

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It’s just like having your own receptionist without the cost of employing one

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